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Fine Black Plastic Bristle Resists Chemicals
18", 24", 36"
Medium-Stiff Palmyra
for General Sweeping
18", 24", 36"
Medium-Coarse Poly
Maroon Bristle
Contractor/Landscape Sweeping 18", 24", 36"
Black Tampico Bristle
for Impacted and High Temp Debris
16", 18", 24", 30", 36"
Red & Black Superfine
Gray Superfine
Housekeeping Brooms
18", 24", 30", 36"
Horsehair & Plastic Blend
18", 24"
Floor Brooms

Maroon Medium-Coarse Poly Bristle with Plastic Block
Sweeping 18", 24", 36"
Petal, MS
(800) 278-7452
Corn/Yucca Line
20-S Tiny Broom
30-S Light Whse
32-S General
36-S HD
7TS Toy Broom
7W-S Whisk Broom
Corn/Yucca Brooms
100% Corn Line
22-C Bulldog
24-C Rebel Medium
28-C Janitor
36-C Warehouse HD
36-BC Black Warehouse
40-C HD Warehouse
1-LC Lobby Broom
100% Corn Brooms
Upright Broom Line
Feathered Poly
Blue Poly Upright
Yellow Angle Broom
Cao Head Upright
Upright Brooms
Standard Floor Brooms
Fine Black Plastic
Medium Palmyra
Med-Coarse Poly
Black Tampico
Superfine Housekeeping
Med-Coarse Poly
Floor Brooms
Black Diamond Line
Beige Soft Poly
Black Brute
Brillian t Blue HD
Black Tampico
Double Action HD
Double Action Medium
Maroon Super Coarse
Medium Palmyra
Red/Black Superfine
Black Diamond Floor
Street Broom Line
2816 Blue Blazer
2824 Black Diamond
1316 Brown Plastic
1316-O Orange Poly
1116 Palmyra
1316-W White Poly
Street Brooms
Wash Brushes
Wire Brushes
Upright Brooms
Fender / Utility
Counter Brushes
Contractor Tools
Mop Handles
Wet Mops
Dust Mop Handles
Dust Mops
Deck Brushes
Janitorial Tools
Rotary Brushes
Microfiber Products
Broom Handle Line
Black Diamond
Tapered Tip
Threaded Tip
Plastic Tip
Broom Handles
Hub City Line
Standard Floor Brooms
Black Diamond
Standard Brooms
Street Brooms
Corn Brooms
Upright Brooms
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