Threaded Tip
Broom Handle
Broom and Brush Handles

WT-Series - 15/16 Threaded-Tip Hardwood Handle
Standard threaded pattern tip screws into all common threaded broom and deck brush blocks. Sanded lacquered hardwood construction is strong and easy to keep clean.



20 x 15/16

12/bdl. 10 lbs.


48 x 15/16

12/bdl. 11 lbs.


60 x 15/16

12/bdl. 13 lbs.


B-Series - 1-1/8 Hardwood Handle w/ Metal Tip

Larger diameter handle for aggressive work. Longest handles for hard-to-reach jobs. Sanded, sealed hardwood gives easy cleanup. Long thread life with metal press-fit tip.



60 x 1-1/8

12/bdl. 19 lbs.


72 x 1-1/8

12/bdl. 24 lbs.


96 x 1-1/8

12/bdl. 30 lbs.


120 x 1-1/8

12/bdl. 35 lbs.


MT-Series - 15/16 Hardwood Handle with Metal Tip  Smaller diameter handle for lighter-weight cleaning, smaller hands. Smooth handle and easy cleanup. Long thread life.



48 x 15/16

12/bdl. 12 lbs.


60 x 15/16

12/bdl. 16 lbs.


72 x 15/16 hardwood.

12/bdl. 19 lbs.


MT-60B - HD Black Metal Handle with Metal Tip 

For heaviest duty cleaning. Powder-coated steel is easy to keep clean. Great for push brooms.  


60 x 15/16

12/bdl. 14 lbs.


FG-MT Series - Fiberglass Handle with Metal Tip


48 x 15/16 yellow.

12/bdl. 12 lbs.


60 x 15/16 yellow.

12/bdl. 16 lbs.


60 x 15/16 white.

12/bdl. 16 lbs.


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